Signs of Miscarriages - Top 5 Signs of a Miscarriage

Published: 15th December 2009
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The signs of miscarriages start as slightly reduced feelings of being pregnant to more harsh symptoms of vomiting and fever. The most obvious sign of miscarriage involve unexpected bleeding or spotting. The confusion about signs of a miscarriage is early signs, such as cramping and bleeding, may be the same signs as being pregnant.

The early signs of a miscarriage may look like a heavy period when you are only a few weeks pregnant. As the pregnancy develops, for example, signs of miscarriage first trimester become more sever. There is usually abdominal cramping followed by a bloody discharge. The 5 top signs you should know are:

1. Vaginal bleeding or spotting, which may be preceded by brownish discharge. The brownish discharge is one of the classic signs of miscarriages because the older blood indicates the uterus is shedding the ovum implant.

2. Passage of blood clots or tissue from the vagina. Normal periods should be a steady flow of blood lasting 3-5 days, large clots are symptoms of miscarriage. The clots indicate a struggle taking place in the uterus to shed the lining.

3. Persistent pain in the lower back. Some women describe this as spasms of the uterus pressing against the back nerves. The lower back pain and leg cramping are milder symptoms of miscarriage about to happen.

4. Cramps in pelvic area. General cramping should not occur during a healthy pregnancy. The uterus expands and makes room for the fetus over time, and the expanding uterus feels like a mild pressure from the inside to front of abdomen. Cramping feels like spasms or muscle twisting in any direction: front to back or even side to side.

5. Feeling of weakness. This is one of the early signs of a miscarriage which can be confused again with the symptoms of pregnancy itself. The feeling of weakness when it is a miscarriage is usually the beginning of a hormonal change, the possible loss of blood, and sometimes, an indication of a vaginal infection.

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